Louise Bloom

paint and print artist

Recent Explorations in Print

Artist Books

Although current technologies are challenging the conventions of the book, the “artist book” is gaining popularity as an art form. It is an apt vehicle for a print artist such as myself who is preoccupied with form as metaphor. By emphasizing the materiality of text, I import the textural and aesthetic dimensions of language into visual art. The artist book is therefore an intuitive genre that permits me to explore the symbolic interplay between text and image.

Hors D’usage


3 dimensional print work incorporating iPad keyboard and HB pencils as part of the structure. Printed scroll (Japanese paper – Baika) includes my original poems expressing the nature of cursive writing and it’s energetic importance in the face of possible obsolescence.

This piece is part of the group exhibition, Hors D’usage hosted by the artists of Atelier de l’Île in 2015.


PROJET LIVRE DU 40E de L’Atelier de l’Île



As an inspiration for the artists of Atelier de l’Île, Jean-Paul Daoust wrote a 40 line poem about the nature and spirit of our unique and beloved printmaking studio in Val-David, QC.

The reading of the poetic dedication of Jean-Paul Daoust,  inspired a short poem that wrote itself – a borrowed essence that echoed a personal experience of the process of creation from the first spark of an “idea” unto the matter in hand.

The resulting text began with the final phrase and climbed back to the beginning where we encounter the “Archipel’, Daoust’s title.

fil fragile
affronter le labyrinthe
foncer la matiers
le résultat …
l’Atelier de l’Ïle
La beauté de l’Archipel

L. Bloom

What occurred was the desire to create a piece that at once climbs and descends, that holds small remembrances of my own icons in print – a kind of staircase of word and image, fragments of both Daoust’s marvelous offering and of my own experiences over these many years of image making in print.