Printmaking demands focus, planning, precision, intuition, research, record-keeping, as well as studying new technologies in order to generate the magical surprise of the print itself. The discipline has been a training ground for honing my personal journey and has brought me such liberating insights; I am able to approach the canvas with joy and abandon. Louise_Bloom_-_painter_-_printmaker_-_about_home_page.html
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The images that make up the palimpsest that is the artist book ALICE AWAKENING are a response in part to Alice herself as an icon in my own psyche. Unaware of the impact of the grown-up world and its incessant rules, she is imprinted with cultural data as mind images. Once “through the looking glass” Alice is able to catch her reflection, thus awakening to the nature of her own mind and its perceptions as “My Own Invention”. Unsure that her recent dream is not that of the King, she disdains the war-like violence and on the advice of the Red Queen, attends her intuition and so attains the eighth square and the Crown. This allegory is in response to Enthronement, Stanza 8, Chogyam Trungpa. It mirrors the Buddhist wisdom that likens the overactive mental to snake venom. Once this is realized this venom transforms to amrita, the nectar of the Gods.

Alice is crowned, is Awakened.


artist book - livre d'artiste

Frans Masareel Centrum Belgium

November 2009

During an artist residency at the Frans Masareel Centrum in Belgium the artist book Alice Awakening emerged. Alices's "pawn" companions became her mentors on a playing field of human values forgotten.



Maison de la culture Mercier

Montreal, Québec

28 mai au 26 juin 2011

jeudi le 2 juin à 17h

For Painter/Print artist Louise Bloom, the theme “Livre ouvert” has more than one meaning.   Her visual narrative is a unique, open-ended story, being continued without conclusion.

My work, print and paint, metaphor and narrative, is a unique, open-ended story being continued without conclusion. Central to the story are the consequences of human greed and the consumer culture. Reading and meaning of word and image are a preoccupation. Text is texture as well as talk.

The icon Alice is at the center of various series of etchings/engravings that began in the year 2000 with the production of the artist book, L’AUTRE HEURE.

As a continued reinvention of Alice and friends from the original Lewis Carroll allegories, the series of etchings, ALICE’S GARDEN, is a dark slightly humorous metaphor for our age of productivity. Scrolls, like cartoons suspended in space and oversized book pages maintain a light playful form for a somber subject.

ALICE AWAKENING, a series of litho and collage, represents the descent in the rabbit hole, an awakening into a dream. Lithography here allows pure illustration made complex and sumptuous by the collage elements. Repetition and colour substitution unique to printmaking support the concept of life as the mirror.

ALICE AWAKENING, artist book production of 2010, combines original lithographic drawing with etchings, picture and text of another era. This work is dedicated to a Buddhist poem about the attainment of transcendant joy. Alice in “”Through the Looking Glass” discovers this potential.

Crowning this exhibition is a new collection of surprising large format oil-on-canvas paintings inspired again by Alice’s journey. These works further elucidate my views on our cultural mishaps, inferring possibilities for transformation.

C    Louise Bloom 2010