Louise Bloom

paint and print artist

LOUISE BLOOM – Livre Ouvert



Maison de la culture Mercier – Juin 2011


Montréal – Juin 2011

LIVRE OUVERT is a finely woven, well integrated presentation of prints, collage and paintings that derive from my interest in story as a vehicle of transformation, rooted in the “narrative”. The work invites close reading and intends to surprise, stimulate, incite and sometimes shock the intellect. The consequences of our consumer culture and human greed have in recent years been a large part of the “story”.

My print works on paper as illustration and text, either my own or recycled, often result in the ironic marriage of medium and message. I use digital manipulation and photo processes in combination with hand drawing to achieve the desired composition. I favor lithography and etching. The “Artist Book” as a form has particular appeal.




Sunday, October 9, 2011


This is an exhibition of artist books that originate at the Atelier de l’Ile, a collective print studio in Val David, Québec, and L’Union de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba. This unique collection of 27 books, playfully and ingeniously explores the subject of art and new communication technologies.

Centre d’exposition du Vieux Presbytère, 150, rue des Peupliers, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Québec.




 The found and recycled married “new technologies” synthesizing past and potential modes of communication, inspired by the ingenuity of our fellow artists abroad who, in contrast to our excessive consumer culture, are bound by the limited availability of materials.

Les objets trouvés et recyclés marient les “nouvelles technologies” symbolisant des modes de communication passés et potentiels comme nous le démontrent nos ingénieux partenaires cubains qui travaillent avec moins de matériaux, à l’opposé du gaspillage de notre culture de consommation.

Los objetos encontrados y reciclados se entrelazan a las “nuevas tecnologias” simbolizando modos de communicacion pasados y potenciales, inspirados por nuestros ingeniosos companeros cubanos que trabajan con escasos materials, en oposicion al dispilfarro de nuestra cultura de consumo.